Olive harvester washer with a long service life

General information
Name of center
Description of the case

Metal - Metal sliding contact changed to
Metal - Ceramic contact

Materials: Hardox® 500 and Nitrided (FeN) Toolox® 33

The old piece was a tools steel with chromium hardfacing. The previous life time was less than  2 months and with the new selection it lasts  more than 4  months

End customer
Agriculture forestry fishing
Raw material processed
Wear part
0 – 250 °C / 32 – 480 °F
Processed material size
10 – 300 mm / 0.4 – 12.0 "
New solution
Hardox® 500
Service life
More than 4 months
Old solution
Old solution
Tool steel
Service life in old solution
Less than 2 months
Key success factors
Improved service life