SSAB customer case - Laminated rotor for impact crusher with long service life

End customer
Raw material processed
Other abrasive materials
Wear part
Impact crushers / Lining plates
0 – 250 °C / 32 – 480 °F
Processed material size
> 300 mm / > 12.0 "
New solution
Hardox 500
Key success factors
Lower lifetime costs
General information
Name of center
Description of the case

Material processed: Silica Carbide

Previous solution: Hardfacing(AR400+hardfacing). The process was  very time consuming and expensive. Due to the uneven wear on the rotor discs, they were required to be removed frequently and re hardfaced and balanced. Frequent hardfacing lead to fatigue and cracking in base metal.

New material: A laminate disc from Hardox 500 and 550. The solution also created even wear in the rotor and removed the need for balancing and a huge amount of machining from the discs, Large amounts of milling was replaced with drilled and tapped holes and countersunk holes allowing the laminated discs to simply bolt together.


 Improvement: Cheaper initial cost with 30% and cheaper life time cost: with 300%