Drive wheel for ski lift with lower weight

General information
Name of center
Description of the case

Previous material forging 42CrMo4V 100mm
Transport cost for 4 segments is much cheaper than one forged part with a diameter of 3.850mm!
Steel properties machining (drilling, milling) perfect. Very high tolerances needed. No problems with inner stresses.
Bad availability, long delivery time for forging part and internal toothing

50% cost reduction, 25% saving in weight
Hardox® 450, 75mm have been used in this wear part due to lack of material. It is dough recommended to use Strenx® 700, a structural steel with a guaranteed yield strength and impact toughness.



End customer
Raw material processed
Wear part
0 – 250 °C / 32 – 480 °F
Processed material size
10 – 300 mm / 0.4 – 12.0 "
New solution
Hardox® 450
75 mm
Old solution
Old solution
Tool steel
Thickness in old solution
75 mm
Key success factors
Easier installation (weight, welding, etc.)
25% lower weight made the installation easier