Chute liner give longer service life

General information
Name of center
Description of the case
Common in processing: rocks and coal
Previous material: CCO on mild steel backing plate
Service life: 7 days
Hardness 55 HRC 60 HRC
Improvement needs: This is for a chute bed in coal discharge chute. The old design used the competitor's chromium carbide overlay on mild steel backing plate. The bed failed after 7 days due to impact on overlay resulting in spalling. The old design required high frequency of repair.
New Material: Duroxite® 101
Service life: 6 months

End customer
Mining Fixed
Raw material processed
Wear part
0 – 250 °C / 32 – 480 °F
Processed material size
> 300 mm / > 12.0 "
New solution
Duroxite® 101
Service life
6 months
Old solution
Old solution
Service life in old solution
7 days
Key success factors
Improved service life
From 7 days to 6 months