Accurate weight hammers

General information
Name of center
Description of the case

Old Hammers: 

-Casted - 2” thick – imported from China

                -Problems: Long lead time, need of balancing, uneven performance from batch to batch

New Hammers:

-          Hardox® 500 – 2” thick, ox fuel cut, design was optimize to have material on the areas of most wear and reduced the body width in other to keep the same weight.

-          Service life is 30 - 50% better

-          No need of balancing anymore (this is a thing the customer appreciated)

-          Consistence performance ( now when some premature wear is detected it is an indication that the aluminum scrap is coming with excessive dirty (sand).

End customer
Raw material processed
Aluminum scrap
Wear part
0 – 250 °C / 32 – 480 °F
Processed material size
10 – 300 mm / 0.4 – 12.0 "
New solution
Hardox® 500
51 mm
Old solution
Old solution
Mn casting
Thickness in old solution
51 mm
Key success factors
Improved service life by 30-50 % and much more accurate shaft balancing. No need for balancing at every hammer replacement.