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Duroxite® 201

Duroxite® 201 is developed for severe wear and impact applications applying specially formulated abrasive materials on Hardox® 450 backing plate.

The overlay material is composed of primary chromium-rich carbides and refined multiple-alloy complex carbides dispersed evenly in a ductile eutectic austenite matrix. The additional multi-alloy carbides are harder and finer than the co-existing chromium-rich carbides which interlock between large primary chromium-rich carbides in a matrix.

Key Benefits

  • Hardox® 450 backing withstands plastic deformation better due to its high yield strength flexing back after impact
  • Provides stronger support due to high hardness and better bonding properties between overlay and base steel
  • Better performance for impact situations than Duroxite® 200 at elevated temperatures up to 350° C (660° F), but impact resistance is best at room temperature

Typical Applications

Duroxite® 201 is widely used in many industries including mining, cement and power generation. Some specific applications include:

  • Mining: Screen plates, loader bucket liners, feeding systems for ball mills, loader bucket liners, bucket lip shrouds, bucket side shrouds, chutes, liner plates and skip liners
  • Cement: Cement furnace components, sinter plant parts, fan blades, mixer blades, crews, gyratory mantles, coal and cement pulverizer rolls, raw material crushing components, molding panels
  • Power: Coal discharger chutes