Hardox Wearparts Material top image
Hardox Wearparts Material top image

The best materials available

All Hardox® Wearparts centers use the industry-leading Hardox® wear plate to produce wear parts. For special wear and structural applications, they also use Duroxite® overlay products, Toolox® engineering & tool steel and Strenx® performance steel. Together, these top-of-the line steel brands make Hardox® Wearparts a true one stop wear shop.

Hardox® wear plate is both hard and tough

Hardox® wear plate has a unique combination of hardness and toughness, making it both wear and crack resistant. Depending on your particular wear situation Hardox® wear plate can improve performance and increase service life several times compared to other AR steel grades.
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Strenx® for stronger and lighter products

Strenx® performance steel is an advanced high-strength steel in the 600-1300 MPa range for making steel structures that are both strong and light.

Duroxite® takes durability to the extreme

Duroxite® overlay products are particularly well suited to fighting sliding wear from exceptionally hard particles such as minerals containing quartz. Duroxite® is a wear-resistant compound material made by welding chromium carbides or complex carbides on top of mild steel or Hardox® wear plate. 
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Toolox® stays in shape in heat

Toolox® engineering & tool steel is a pre-hardened engineering and tool steel with excellent properties at elevated temperatures. It is available as both plate and round bars.