Road building needs a variety of equipment, from trucks that transport heavy material long distances to machines that withstand extreme wear when breaking ground. The unique properties of SSAB’s wear-resistant steel grades will improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs and minimize the risk for wear-related downtime.

To meet the challenges in road building, Hardox Wearparts centers specialize in custom-made wear parts of the quenched and tempered steel grades Hardox® wear plate and Toolox® engineering & tool steel. For some wear situations where overlay products are more suitable the centers offer Duroxite®.   

Hardox Wearparts supplies liners for dumper bodies for the transport of crushed rock, gravel and sand. Other typical parts are blades for motor graders/dozers, cutting edges for excavator buckets and screed plates for asphalt pavers. 

In an asphalt paver the floor plate of Hardox® 500 increased service life by more than 30% compared to the previous material.

Wear parts in road building
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