Recycling processes, such as the fragmentizing of waste, place enormous demands on equipment. In order to stay productive and competitive, it is vital to use materials that can withstand the abuse.

Developed specifically for abrasive environments, Hardox® wear plate, Toolox® engineering & tool steel and Duroxite® overlay products allow recyclers and recycling equipment manufacturers to cut costs, improve service life and optimize production.

The recycling industry handles metal, plastics, glass, rubber, wood, concrete and other materials. Even if plastic and wood are not highly abrasive materials by themselves, they are usually contaminated with abrasive material such as sand and stones. 

Hardox Wearparts has the right expertise to improve the performance of your recycling equipment in shredders, knives, hammer crushers, waste sorting drums, shears, balers, screens, etc.

One example is hammer crushers that face several challenges such as improving productivity, reducing hammer inventory cost and shortening the axis balancing time. A change from hammers made from manganese to Hardox® 500 reduced overall costs for an aluminum recycling company.

Wear parts in recycling
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