Quarrying and open-pit mining operations deliver some of the world’s toughest wear challenges. Throughout the whole production flow, SSAB’s abrasion-resistant steels give extended service life between repairs or the replacement of parts.

Hardox Wearparts centers specialize in custom-made wear parts of the quenched and tempered steel grades Hardox® wear plate and Toolox® engineering & tool steel. Duroxite® overlay products are also available for wear situations involving sliding wear and low impact.

Wear solutions from Hardox Wearparts are matched to each application, whether it is a high impact with low abrasive wear or high impact with high abrasive wear. Typical parts are liners for shovels, bulldozer blades and cutting edges, grizzly bars, screens, crusher parts, wedges for jaw crushers and rings for cone crushers as well as parts for excavator buckets.

Wear challenges in quarries
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