Hardox Wearparts supplies reliable wear parts for challenging underground and open pit mining operations. Mining companies all around the world choose Hardox Wearparts to reduce operating costs by extending service life, reducing personnel costs and minimizing downtime.

Hardox Wearparts centers specialize in custom-made wear parts of the quenched and tempered steel grades Hardox® wear plate and Toolox® engineering & tool steel. Duroxite® is also available for wear situations where overlay products are more suitable.
Open pit and underground mining operations rely on the performance of wear-resistant linings for loading buckets, trucks and stationary and mobile conveyors. Multi-stage crushing operations also rely on long-lasting wear protection with feeder chute and housing linings specifically designed for the processing of ore and raw materials. 
We protect the mills, chutes, hydro cyclones and sorters from the particular stress conditions they are exposed to in each production process. Besides mining, Hardox Wearparts also offers a range of customized wear protection solutions for other production areas connected to mining, such as pelletizing and sintering

Wear parts for underground and open pit mining
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