Forestry and fishing

Wear in forestry and fishing industries is mostly generated through ground contact. The choice of wear parts requires a deep knowledge of the local conditions.

Hardox® wear plate, Toolox® engineering & tool steel and Duroxite® overlay products all have their special properties. Hardox Wearparts centers have the competence to select the most cost-effective material for each wear application.
In forestry, wear is mainly caused by gravel that comes with the trees. Wood cracker knives in Hardox® Extreme have proven to stay sharp longer than anything else on the market. Chains and chain floors to saw mills are other examples where Hardox® excels.
In fishing, the main application is trawl doors. Reduced weight and increased service life are top priorities. An empirical study has shown that 100 kg saved on board enables the boat to carry 1000 kg more fish. The trawl doors face much sliding wear when dragged along the sea bed. Trawl doors made by Hardox® 450 have proven to reduce weight by 40% and increase service life compared to mild steel

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