Cement manufacturing involves wear and tear of many equipment parts due to abrasion, mainly from quartz and illite contamination of the limestone. By selecting just the right wear material for every stage in the cement production chain, we can help you to maximize uptime and minimize maintenance from the limestone quarry to the moment the cement leaves the mill.

The wear parts manufactured by Hardox Wearparts are made from Hardox® wear plate and Toolox® engineering & tool steel, steel grades that are both hard and tough. For applications with severe sliding wear, Duroxite® overlay products are sometimes more suitable.

To ensure long life of the machinery and to avoid downtime, it is important to have a good wear maintenance plan that covers all equipment. At Hardox Wearparts we have uptime management services that help companies evolve from reactive to proactive repair strategies, resulting in a more cost-efficient production process. Our wear specialists can suggest ways to optimize maintenance routines through wear monitoring solutions and service agreements.
Hardox Wearparts centers make wear parts for many applications in cement production, such as chute protection, deflectors, screeds, hoppers, buckets, conveyors, fan blades, pipe and transitions.

Cement production and wear-resistant solutions
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