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Induced Draft (ID) Fan Casing Upgrading

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Description of the case

Induced Draft (ID) Fan are commonly used in heavy industries for equipment systems such as steam boilers and thermal oil heaters to draw out and remove flue gases from combustion chambers .

In premix plants, this fan is used to draw out waste gases from the system which contains  fine particles created from burning.

During the operations , wear can be seen on the fan blades & casings due to erosion(movement of fine particles at high velocity).

Due to continuous operations , the casings can be worn out & leaking. This leak can cause false air to be sucked in and causing pressure drop in the system.

It is desired for the casings to last as long as possible .


Introducing Hardox 450® provides better abrasion & erosion resistance , thus extending its service life in operations. 

Case details

Key success factors

service life is 2.5x

shorter lead time as fabrication is done locally

total installed weight is reduced by 20%

New solution
Hardox® 450,

Brands/Products – Hardox® 450
Thickness – 6mm
Service life -  65 months

Old solution

Product – Mild Steel S275Jr
Thickness – 8mm
Service life – 24 months

Industry and wearpart
Coal and energy , Fan housing