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Description of the case

Within the general process of sugar production there is the preparation of soil and harvest, this being one of the first and main steps. For the preparation, a floor polishing work is carried out, which, in number, depends on the type of soil. With the aim of continuously improving the steps of the process, the same industry carried out a project to implement a new roller with knives in the shape of “shark fins” made by A-36 steel (conventional structural steel) of 3/8” diameter. thickness to reduce labor costs in terms of the number of polishes per floor.

Case details

Key success factors

Improved design: Distribution of the blades alternately with supports of the same steel.

Improved service life: 4 to 5x increase

Improved supply: Blades bolted in holder

Lighter weight: 33.33% less

New service life: 56ha. / per day

New solution
Hardox® 500, : 1/4”
Old solution

Carbon steel: 1/8”

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