Egypt ꞏ June 2022

Long-lasting loader bucket made of Hardox 500

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Description of the case

Complete loader bucket with long-lasting wear parts fabricated in Egypt. Bucket Model: CAT 972K. Hardox 500 is abrasion-resistant steel suitable for applications that demand high wear resistance. First time in Egypt, we locally fabricated complete loader buckets using Hardox 500 in the parts that face very high abrasion, including cutting edge, side cutters and wear bars. Headquartered in Alexandria, we are a steel fabricator company that operates in the Middle East and Africa. With a vision to be regionally acknowledged as the best steel fabricator, we provide wear parts and solutions using the world-leading Hardox wear plate. Contact us for all your wear challenges.

Case details

Key success factors

Improved service life: thanks to excellent Hardox 500

Improved supply: Fast delivery thanks to local production

Other: Local production

New service life: Long-lasting cutting edge, side cutters and wear bars

New solution
Hardox® 500, : 10 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm
Old solution

Imported buckets from different countries

Industry and wearpart
Mining , Buckets , Cutting edges