United States ꞏ May 2022

Asphalt Plant Hot Bin Complete Renovation

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Description of the case

Asphalt Batch Plant Hot Bin was completely rebuilt with Nine 8’ x 24’ Hardox 500 x 3/8” plates. All plates were cut to size and installed via crane. The use of the Hardox 500 x 3/8” will extend the life of the Batch Plant for decades.

Case details

Key success factors

Lower lifetime costs

Easier installation (weight, welding, etc.): Field installation to allow plant to continue to operate

Improved design: Revised streamline design

Improved service life: Significant increase

New service life: Decades

New solution
Hardox® 500, : .375”
Old solution

Carbon steel

Industry and wearpart
Roadbuilding , Chutes and hoppers