Finland ꞏ March 2022

Duroxite 100 extends the life of curved liners in cyclones

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Description of the case

Curved liner plates, made of Duroxite 100 overlay product (CCO), were formed with multi-bending and delivered to the wastewater treatment plant. Liner plates are used in cyclones where the wastewater mixed with sand moves at extremely high speed. Old solution with martensitic steel had a lifetime of only a few weeks. The new solution with Duroxite 100 has a lifetime of more than 6 months. Duroxite 100 has excellent abrasion resistance! It is also possible to bend it! Do you have ideas on new use areas? Contact us and we will find out!

Case details

Key success factors

Improved service life: From a few weeks to more than 6 months

New service life: More than 6 months

New solution
Duroxite® 100, : 3 on 5 mm (5 mm plate + 3 mm overlay)
Old solution

AR 500: 5 mm

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