Germany ꞏ February 2021

Skeleton buckets with Hardox® round bars

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Description of the case

We supply buckets for excavators ranging from 1.5 to 75 tonnes. The majority of the skeleton or sieve buckets are equipped with Hardox® round steel bars. Compared to steel plates with a flame-cut sieve surface, these new round steel bars offer impressive benefits. Hardox® round steel bars are hard to the core and remain fully hardened even after the completed machining process. They are cut only to the length needed to manufacture the skeleton bucket. The heat input is minimized, leaving the steel’s hard and tough properties intact. Thanks to the shape of the round bars in the skeleton buckets, the material can roll on the bars. This reduces the abrasion effects on the bucket. Less material is getting stuck in skeleton buckets with round steel bars, improving the sorting efficiency. Depending on the customer’s requirements and intended application, the round steel bars can be welded to the bucket or even integrated with turned Hardox® round bars into the frame. This ensures the highest level of wear resistance to the entire bucket construction, even in heavy-duty applications.

Case details

Key success factors

Improved design: Improved sorting efficiency thanks to the shape of the round bars

Improved service life: The heat input is minimized

Increased crack resistance: Hard to the core

New service life: Much longer thanks to minimized heat input

New solution
: 40-80 mm
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