Global ꞏ August 2019

Shredder knives with long service life used in recycling electronic waist

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Description of the case

Hardox® 600 in the knives

The old tool steel solution lasted for 5000 ton recycled electronic waste.
The set produced in 62 mm Hardox® 600 was like new at 5 000 ton. It is estimated to last 20 000 ton.  
That means that Hardox® 600 will last 4 times the old material considered that the waste is well sorted.


Case details

Key success factors

Improved service life: 400%

New service life: 2000 ton

New solution
Hardox® 600, : 62 mm
Old solution

Tool steel: 62 mm

Industry and wearpart
Recycling , Shredders , Knives