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Screen plate with longer service life

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Description of the case

Segment:  Particle Board  
Raw material processed: Woodchips Screening
Competing Products or Services: SS400 / S45C
Competing Suppliers: Machine’s manufacturer from up country
Service life: less than 6 months 

New material: Hardox® 400 thk 15 mm
Source of material used: Screen woodchip in production process
Service life: 6 months 
Other improved properties: The Hardox® screen plate  has better toughness than the existing then it’s stronger not easy broken

Case details

Key success factors

Improved service life

New service life: More than 6 months

New solution
Hardox® 400, : 15mm
Old solution

AR 400: 15 mm

Industry and wearpart
Recycling , Hammer crushers , Screens