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Rotor for medical waste processes more

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Description of the case

Wall:  Hardox® 500 20/30 mm     

Old solution: AR 400 20/30 mm

Bottom / rotor blade/ closing plate: Hardox® 600 25/40mm

Old solution: 38NcD4+insert on top K110, 25/40 mm

Transformer of Medical Waste. “It uses an innovative technology and patented that is able to guarantee the complete sterilization of the waste, reducing it, at the end of the cycle, granular calorific power. The blade made in Hardox® 600 is 30% better than K110 - The blade turn in clock wise and opposite- The total advantage for Hardox® 600 of course is in terms of wear life.”

Top advantages:
 100% Sterile.
 Minus 70% of volume.
 Minus 30% of weight.

Case details

Key success factors

Improved service life: 30 %

New solution
Hardox® 600, : 40
Old solution

AR 400: 30

Industry and wearpart
Recycling , Shredders , Liner plate