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Loader bucket for hot slag with long service life

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Description of the case

Wheel loader bucket for blast furnace
Slag. Repeating business – Now more than five buckets running.

Previous material: AR 450,80mm
Previous service life: About 6 months

New material:
Cutting edge -Toolox® 44, 80mm
Side corner/ cutter -Toolox® 44, 20,40mm
Shell -Strenx® 700, 20mm
Beam -Strenx® 700, 20mm

New service life:24 months
Cheaper life time cost: 400%

Case details

Key success factors

Improved service life: 400%

New service life: 24 months

New solution
Toolox® 44, : 80 mm
Old solution

AR 450: 80 mm

Industry and wearpart
Metal works , Loader buckets , Cutting edges