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Gravel washing paddles with long service life

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Description of the case

Paddles in a gravel washer which move water and limestone forward.

Thickness: 15 - 60 mm
Description of the wear part:  Washing and further transportation of gravel and defragmentation of  coal, clay mixed with water and other abrasives.

Competitive advantage: Long service life due to proper grade of steel used along the entire material flow.

For liners with heavy wear is Hardox® 550 used and Hardox® 450 for the middle level of wear

Wear life is more than 5 times better than mild steel

Case details

Key success factors

Improved service life: 500%

New service life: +500%

New solution
Hardox® 550, : 15 mm
Old solution

S355: 15 mm

Industry and wearpart
Quarries and sand , Log washers , Paddles