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Slag chute with less downtime

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Description of the case

Hoppers, chutes, several parts of a recycling line  for slag (slag is the solid residue from the combustion of municipal /urban waste in incineration plants).

Previous material / thickness: S355/6mm

New material / thickness: Hardox® 450 / 6 mm

Lifetime increased  (to be evaluated but minimum 3 or 4 times acc. to last inspection/controls).

Less maintenance on parts usually changed every month with the previous .

Increased productivity.  Less production stops = 3 or 4 STOP DAYS are needed to replace those parts every one/two months. Less maintenance = less incident and accident risks (safety).

Case details

Key success factors

Improved service life: 3-400%

New solution
Hardox® 450, : 6 mm
Old solution

S355: 6 mm

Industry and wearpart
Recycling , Chutes and hoppers , Liner plate