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Shredder blades with better shape stability

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Description of the case

The shredder blades are sometimes broken by contact with harder parts.

The use of Hardox® 600 guarantees a greater durability of the blades, developing a homogeneous wear without part loss or pulling

The equipment manufacturer gives an alternative to greater demands on the materials to be destroyed. It proposes higher quality equipment prepared to grind more or less hard materials

 Its short deadlines and quality of finishes help to maintain this client since 2004.

The plates are cut by water jet. Then they are machined to their final form. 

No heat treatment is required.

Case details

Key success factors

Increased crack resistance

New solution
Hardox® 600, : 50 mm
Old solution

Tool steel: 50 mm

Industry and wearpart
Recycling , Shredders , Knives