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Plough discs with longer service life

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Description of the case

Hardox® 450- 4,6mm and Hardox® 600- 4 mm have been utilizes as plough discs since last year.

Compared the wear between Hardox® material and Boron Steel (OEM material) is there a considerable difference in service life.


The original diameter of all discs was 458 mm.

                         Thickness (mm)     Diameter (mm)     

OEM Boron             6.2                           424

Hardox® 450          4                              415

Hardox® 450          6                              422

Hardox® 600          4                              432

The result shows that Hardox® 600 is the most suitable material for this case.  Utilizing Hardox® 600, 4mm has made the volume of 450 kg per set of plough

Case details

Key success factors

Improved service life

New solution
Hardox® 450, : 4 mm
Old solution

Boron steel: 6 mm

Industry and wearpart
Agriculture forestry fishing , Ploughs , Blades