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Grizzly bars which are tough and magnetic

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Description of the case

Raw material processed:  Lime stone

Previous part material: Mn-steel
Material producer: Unknown
Service life: 3 - 4 months
Hardness:  50HRC and above
Impact toughness: Unknown
Thickness: 60mm
Other important properties: Tensile Strength/ Weldability
Improvement needs: Service life time

New material: Hardox® 500
Thickness: 60  mm
Service life: 6 – 8 months
Other improved properties:  In case of breakage is the magnetism in a steel an advantage. An Mn-steel will not be catched by the magnet
Properties from production methods: Oxy Cutting 

Case details

Key success factors

Increased crack resistance: Breaking eliminated

New service life: 8 months

New solution
Hardox® 500, : 60 mm
Old solution

Mn casting: 60 mm

Industry and wearpart
Cement , Hammer crushers , Grizzly bars