Global ꞏ June 2019

Forks for marble blocks with lower weight

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Description of the case

Marble Mines have a need for stronger, and more durable forks.


Old solution: Old ones were casted or S355 (too heavy).

The weight was 9500 kg


New solution: Lamellar construction with Hardox® 450, 60+15+60mm was chosen to produce lighter and stronger Forks. The weight was 7750 kg,


Much Longer Service Life with no problems (Cracks, Distortion etc.). Possibility to have custom made forks depending on the Loader force (not possible with the casted ones)..

Case details

Key success factors

Lighter weight: 20%

New solution
Hardox® 450, : 60 mm + 15 mm + 60 mm
Old solution


Industry and wearpart
Quarries and sand , Fork lifts , Forklift forks