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Duroxite 300 feeder liner plate in oil sand industry

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Description of the case

Mining type – Oil sand Wear equipment: Feeder Wearpart: Feeder liner plate using Duroxite 300, the customer is doing side by side field test using SSAB's Duroxite 300 and Domite bi-metal plates. Both plates were installed as the feed liner plate in November 2016 at the opposite sides of the feeder. The first field test data was collected in May 2017, and measured as 0-0.5mm wear on Duroxite 300 and 5mm wear on Domite plate. The second set of field test data was collected in September 2018, and measured as 0.5mm wear on Duroixte 300, but incorrect measurement on Domite thickness. The data will be further followed up with the customer.

Case details

Key success factors

New service life: 23 months (still running)

New solution
: 1/4'' on 1/2''
Old solution

HCWI casting: 19mm on 6mm

Industry and wearpart
Mining Fixed