United States ꞏ June 2019

Duroxite 200 discharge liner plate in oil sand industry

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Description of the case

Material: Oil sands (CNRL Albian mine, Canada) Equipment: Discharge / transition of rotary breaker Wearpart: Liner plate, previously used CCO plate from ESCO (3/8’’ on 3/8’’), lasted 3 months (1400 hours). Duroxite 200 was installed in December 12, 2018. The first field data was collected in the week of May 06. The lowest spot of liner shows 16.17 mm after five months.

Case details

Key success factors

New service life: 6 months (still running)

New solution
Duroxite® 200, : 3/8'' on 3/8''
Industry and wearpart
Mining Movable