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Cutting edge in press of cans with extended service life

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Description of the case

Description: To press cans of stainless steel (Coca Cola, etc...).

Technical data: Hardox® 600 replacing tool steel AISI-S5. The material that is very brittle. It broke once after only 40 days

Dimensions and Quantities: Hardox® 600 in 28 mm. The size is 244 x 80 mm, weight 2,6 Kg. The press fixed 2 + 2 pieces. One was threaded and others have countersinking bolts. The pieces was cut with AWJ cutting and milled.

Service Life and Status: Hardox® 600 is working 5 months without cracks and the wear is excellent.

Case details

Key success factors

Improved service life: 300%

New service life: 3 times longer

New solution
Hardox® 600
Old solution

Tool steel

Industry and wearpart
Recycling , Scrap balers , Cutting edges