United States ꞏ January 2019

Duroxite 201 and Duroxite 300 hand overlay lip shroud

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Description of the case

Mine type: Coal mine (North America Coal mine, FL, USA) Equipment: 30 yard dragline bucket Wearpart: Lip shroud. Northport made five lip shrouds, including 4 hand welded Duroxite 201 (double-layer), and 1 hand welded Duroxite 300 overlay (double-layer) on Hardox 450 backing plate. 4 Duroxite 201 lip shroud ran about 5 weeks when the bucket was taken out of service. Clearly, the nose with Duroxite 300 overlay hasn’t even lost any dimension.

Case details

Key success factors

New service life: 25 weeks

New solution
: 1/4''
Old solution

Duroxite® 201: 1/4'' hand overlay on Hardox 450

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