United States ꞏ January 2019

Duroxite 100 WIRE overlaid on Hardox 450 cutter

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Description of the case

Mine type: Merlin plastics, household recycling plant such as juice and milk jugs etc. (Canwest machinery, Surrey, BC.) Equipment: Cutters go into shredding machine Wearpart: Lower cutters are in three-tooth shape. Two lower cutters were made of Hardox 450 and overlaid with Duroxite 100 WIRE (not overlaid on teeth, just overlaid on the arc shape and partial teeth). The cutters were installed in October, 2018. Previously the two cutters were made of heat treated 4140 steel, and only lasted three months.

Case details

Key success factors

New service life: 3 months (still running)

New solution
: 2'' Hardox 450 with overlaid Duroxite 100 WIRE
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