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Duroxite 100 feeder liner plate in phosphate mine

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Description of the case

Mining type: Phosphate mine (Kunyang, Yunnan, China)) Equipment: Feeder in a ball mill Wearpart: Bottom lining plate in the feeder of ball mill in the phosphate mine. Abrasive materials are crushed particles with powder phosphate minerals mixed with large volume of water. The 18 mm + 12 mm Duroxite 100 plate is trialed. The plate was installed in June 2018. Previously the customer used 50 mm cast steel which lasted 4 months, and 50 mm HX450, 50mm which only lasted 3 months.

Case details

Key success factors

New service life: 7 months (still running)

New solution
Duroxite® 100, : 18 mm + 12 mm
Old solution

Hardox® 450: 50 mm

Industry and wearpart
Mining Fixed