United Kingdom ꞏ September 2018

Waterjet cut Precision Wear Grabs

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Description of the case

Customer required new grab teeth with sharp point, existing teeth wore, were not sharp enough and distorted. Customer could not find teeth that were suitably sharp enough at the tip from the OEM or marketplace. Problem 1) Finding a suitable material that could withstand wear, reduce down time with breakages but still be cost effective at the same time. Solution 1) Hardox 450; wear life more than adequate for task, tough enough to grapple rocks and cost effective for application Problem 2) Cutting part accurately enough from broken sample to retrofit onto existing equipment and being able to cut the part with a sharp point without degrading raw material properties. Solution 2) Dynamic Waterjet Cut (DWJ); cold cutting with waterjet assured no thermal or friction issues would compromise the raw material properties. DWJ cut the part within 0.35mm accuracy for perfect fit. DWJ allowed us to cut to a sharp point on the end of the tooth

Case details

Key success factors

New service life: Pending usage

New solution
Hardox® 450, : 25
Old solution

Carbon steel

Industry and wearpart
Agriculture forestry fishing