Canada ꞏ January 2018

Transfer chute in gold mine

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Description of the case

The Duroxite 201 (1/4'' on 1-1/4'') plate was used as the transfer chute liner plate in a gold mine in Canada. The minerals in this mine are composed of chalcopyrite (yellow), gangue minerals (black) including quartz, K-feldspar, and plagioclase), and bornite (purple) as shown in the attached picture. The necking area of chute marked in red circle in the attached picture is the area experiencing the most severe wear, where the Duroxite 201 was trialed. The previous design is 1-1/2'' AR 500 plate, which only lasted 4 days with processing 45,000 ton minerals. After replacing by Duroxite 201, the service life is about 8 months with handling over 1,000,000 tons minerals. But the customer feels like the Duroxite 201 is over-killed due to longer service life than the rest of equipment components. Currently, the customer is using 1-1/2'' Hardox 600 plate, the service life is about 3 to 4 months with handling 400,000 tons minerals.

Case details

Key success factors

New service life: 8 months

New solution
Duroxite® 201, : 1/4'' on 1-1/4''
Old solution

AR 500: 1-1/2''

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