Chile ꞏ January 2018

Screw Conveyor - lighter & operational efficiency

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Description of the case

Screw Reclaimer / Working in Feeder Silo transporter Biomass With a innovation way to manufacture the screw the HWP SiGU use Hardox 500 in the screw. use plasma cutting for manufactured 20 pieces and them they Weld on the cilinder Hardox 500/6mm for make 1 pieces to install in the equipment whit this technique the HWP avoi the AR400 and the hardfacing save cost, increasing his margin and increasing the wear life getting a save cost in operation/customer. the customer pass to expend 27,8 USD/Hrs to the expend just 10,1 USD/Hrs saving 64% in production pass to produce 0,77USD/Ton and now 0,5 USD/Ton increasing his efficiency in a 33%

Case details

Key success factors

New service life: 5400hrs

New solution
Hardox® 500, : 16
Industry and wearpart
Agriculture forestry fishing