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Hardox HiTemp Tub Style Truck Bed Liner - Hot Slag

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Description of the case

The tub style truck bed liner includes the following innovations for specific purposes: - One piece design took 7 hours to install - Weld in liner installation time is over 250 hours - The tub is chained in the tipped body and not welded. Removal and replacement takes less than one hour. -Tub is chained in so thermal expansion is allowed to take place without warping the liner. -We used the calculation of .00000656 X Delta T (T=Temp F) X Linear Inches = Thermal Expansion. We then designed the bed to allow for 1000 degree F Delta in thermal expansion without touching any o part of the tipper body. - Liner is sitting on top of a riser kit we fabricated from 3" I-Beam to keep the liner off the tipper body and alloy cooling air to circulate under the tub - The bulkhead plate is taller than the canopy and curved over to form an air intake. This allows air to enter the space between the tub and tipper body while the truck is being driven. It is another cooling mechanism - Red hot slag is loaded into the tub and sits for about 15 minutes. The tub reaches a temperature of 800 F - 1000 F then the truck is driven to an area to quench the slag. Water is sprayed on the slag while it is inside the tub to cool it to ambient temperature. The tub is thermal shocked. - One of the pictures above is taken after 6 loads of slag and the bed is perfectly flat. It remains flat today and the warping problem has appeared to be resolved. The customer is now buying these at various locations throughout the USA. They have the mill service contract in 70 steel mills throughout the USA.

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New service life: 1 year Min

New solution
: 3/4" & 1/2"
Old solution

Carbon steel: 1-1/2" Thick floor

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