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Collaboration leads to success

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Description of the case

The following is an example of collaboration and teamwork between an OEM Customer, The G.E. Mathis Sales/Design team, an SSAB Regional Sales Manager and another Wearparts Member inside of our Hardox Wearparts network. On a routine sales call to one of our customers, I requested to speak with the engineers who were tasked with finding ways to streamline assembly and welding processes with their scraper product line. Once in the workshop, we began the discussion and quickly identified that G.E. Mathis could in fact with our unique capabilities and experience, take a two or three piece weldment and convert it into a single laser cut and formed part. I came back to our facility with some drawings and ideas. With the assistance of our design programmers and production team, we presented the solution to this OEM customer and were give an order to make the prototype. I needed to contact our SSAB RSM for some larger sized 1/2” Hardox 450 plate. Also, another Wearparts member assisted in the cutting of some 3/4” Hardox 450 bars. The plan came together quickly, and within two weeks, our customer was looking at elimination of 4-6 hours of trimming, fit up and welding on this single part. The drawing, description and pictures above illustrate the final product that is now in regular production, along with many other parts that we assisted on after this initial success. Altogether, this approach has solidified our customer / supplier relationship and helped us grow our volume with them by some 150 to 300 tons of Hardox materials per year.

Case details

Key success factors

Easier installation (weight, welding, etc.): Fit-up and assembly time has been reduced with the 1-piece design.

Improved design: Part now has a more uniform and consistent profile with the 1-piece design.

Improved supply: Time saved in welding / assembly has reduced the overall lead time.

Increased crack resistance: In this part, cracks were most likely to occur at the weld seams. The elimination of these seams has reduced this chance.

Lower initial cost: By eliminating weld seams, the initial manufacturing cost has been reduced.

Lower lifetime costs: Part is less likely to break due to the elimination of weld seams.

New service life: 3-5 years

New solution
Hardox® 450, : 1/2"
Old solution

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