Hardox Wearparts Award-winning Laminated Rotor Disc

General information


New Zealand

  • Cage Mill Crusher

  • < 0 °C / < 32 °F

  • < 10 mm / < 0.4 "

  • Dolomite

  • 50,000

Old solution

Old solution

AR 400


40mm + hard facing

Service life

100 hours before needing major repair work

New solution

New solution

Hardox® 600


10mm HX600 + 32mm HX550 (Laminated)

Service life

300 hours before needing minor repair work

Key success factors

Easier installation (weight, welding, etc.)

No hardfacing and balancing required throughout service life

Improved design

New part designed with a replaceable HX600 insert where the most wear occurs.

Improved service life

Parts last three times longer

Increased crack resistance

Higher quality Hardox steel and no hardfacing required

Lower initial cost

30 percent cheaper to produce

Lower lifetime costs

Parts last three times longer and require less downtime and cheaper repairs