Worldwide wear resistance

Wear parts and wear services

Hardox Wearparts® centers provide wear parts and wear services for virtually all kinds of equipment and wear environments all over the world. 

The Hardox Wearparts® network has been growing steadily since it was formed in 2000. Today there are more than 300 centers in over 80 countries, covering mining, quarries and sand, construction, cement and concrete, coal and energy, metal works, recycling, agriculture, forestry and fishing and other wear-challenged operations. 

Our wear parts are made with leading abrasion-resistant materials such as Hardox® wear plate, DuroxiteTM and Toolox® engineering and tool steel.   

A part of SSAB

The Hardox Wearparts® network is closely related to SSAB, the manufacturer of Hardox® wear plate. SSAB is a specialized steel company, supplying high strength steel and related services globally. 

Are you running a wear service company today? 

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