Hardox Wearparts® website privacy statement

This privacy statement is applicable to the www.ssab.com website ("Website"). The protection of your privacy when visiting this website is important to SSAB. This privacy statement axplains how SSAB collects and processes personal data in connection with the Website ("Privacy Statement"). Please take a moment and read this Privacy Statement carefully before using the website further. If you disagree with this Privacy Statement we expect you to leave this site.

Use of Your Personal Data
When visiting the Website, SSAB may collect personal data that you volunteer to us. Most of the pages within the Website are for informational purposes only and do not require you to provide personal data.

The collection of your personal data may be necessary for SSAB to be able to provide services, goods or information that you request from SSAB or through the Website. SSAB collects information about how you interact with the Website and such information may be linked with any personal data SSAB holds about you.

The personal data SSAB collects about you through the Website will be used for the following purposes:
-  website administration
-  customer relationship management
-  marketing and personal communication with you
-  development of Website, sales and business of SSAB
-  improvement and development of our products and services
-  analytics
-  recruitment and HR purposes

Web cookies (also known as HTTP cookies) are small text files that are saved on your browser when you visit our Website. Web cookies are used to inform the Webserver that hosts our Website of your previous activity. We may occasionally store the following types of cookies on your computer:
-  Session cookie. A session cookie will help to serve the Web content on our website and remember your preferences. A session cookie only remains in temporary memory of your computer and most        Web browsers remove them when the browser is closed
-  Persistent cookie. A persistent cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer until it expires or you delete it. We use persistent cookies to make note of the pages you visit or preferences you            make on what content you would like to see. We maintain this information so that we are able to optimize the Website user experience for our visitors.
-  Third-Party cookie. We use Third-Party cookies to help extend our website services and content with known and trusted partners or suppliers. We currently may set the following Third-Party cookies:
     -  AddThis.com
     -  fonts.com
     -  brightcove.com
     -  Google Analytics

Web cookies are generally used on most websites but if you do not wish to receive cookies, most web browsers allow you to configure the browser to disable them. Please note however that disabling cookies may affect website or service usability.

Protection of Your Personal Data and Information Security
SSAB is committed to protecting your personal data and proper security of the information we process. SSAB will not transfer your personal data outside the SSAB group of companies or its partners.
You have the right to know what personal data SSAB holds of you as well as to contact SSAB in order to review the accuracy of the personal data collected of you. If you so request, SSAB will correct or delete any inaccurate, false or outdated personal data.

This Website may contain links to other websites. SSAB takes no responsibility over the content or security of such third party websites.

File descriptions and contacting SSAB
File descriptions related to processing of personal data for product and service marketing and HR applicant purposes in this Website are made available on this page.
If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or wish to correct any personal data SSAB holds about you, please contact ssab.privacy@ssab.com.

By entering the Website and providing your personal data to SSAB you agree to the use of your personal data as specified in this Privacy Statement. SSAB reserves the right to review this Privacy Statement from time to time as well as the linked file descriptions and we request you to review this Privacy Statement from to time when visiting this Website.