Take the uptime cure

No time to gamble in mining

Whether you are mining above or below ground, high wear resistance is vital to reach high productivity and uptime. 


Call the shots you can

Nature decides the mineral content for you. The world market decides the price for you. Good thing there are productivity and maintenance issues for you to decide on. A proactive approach to wear management enables you to bring costs down. 


Master of uptime

It is our business to keep you up and running as cost-efficient as possible. We produce and install wear parts, provide optimized wear monitoring and management solutions, and take care of both maintenance both on and off site.

Every Hardox Wearparts® center has a certified workshop with wear specialists, skilled craftsmen, and production resources to ensure your wear parts and repair work meet the highest standards. 

Our wear parts are manufactured using the optimum material for you needs, whether it is Hardox® wearplate, Duroxite™ overlay products, Strenx™ performance steel, or Toolox® engineering and tool steel.


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