Maximize your uptime with wear parts that last longer

At Hardox Wearparts we make wear parts that are optimized to your needs. We use Hardox® wear plate, Duroxite™ overlay products, Strenx™ performance steel, Toolox® engineering and tool steel, or a combination of different products for best performance and cost efficiency.

  • We keep you up and running

    Whether you are in mining, quarry, construction, forestry, coal or any other industry where abrasion resistance is important, our wear products will keep your production up and running.Wide range of different products

  • Wide range of different products

    You can choose among thousands of wear products for all kinds of equipment, including buckets, tippers, crushers, dozers, shovels, chutes, drums, liners, hoppers, feeders, screws, mixers, shredders, knives, hammers, and more.

  • Global network

    To order new wear parts, or if you need repair and maintenance on your existing parts,contact your local Hardox Wearparts center

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